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Marketing and Media

Meet (CITY) best marketers and learn their best practices 


(CITY) is know for it’s business platforms. Deep dive into their business models with your personal SAFARI

How to Startup

Are you on the edge of starting your own business? Learn from founder’s best practices

Digital Health

Meet (CITY) health experts and learn what they are working on

Deep Tech

Do you want to jump right into code, cloud computing and Kubernetes? Then join the workshops in our Deep Tech Track!

Smart City and Mobility

The city of the future is near. Learn about new innovations around the city of the future.


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11:00- 12:30

The Story of Movinga - about failures & comebacks

We talk about failues and comebacks and how to work with investors.


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We talk about the story of almost 3 years of Movinga - with all the failures and combacks. We will talk about the story of almost three years of Movinga - about all the failures and comebacks. Our investors have supported us from the beginning until today, but you can imagine it wasn’t always easy. We hope to see you there!


Finn Age Hänsel is 36 years old and studied Business Administration in Germany, Hungary and New Zealand. In November 2015, he joined Movinga as Managing Director and today leads both, the Product and Technology team as well as the Marketing team. In addition to that, he is the main contact person for all external partners and investors.