Different Topic Tracks for different Interests

Marketing and Media

Meet (CITY) best marketers and learn their best practices 


(CITY) is know for it’s business platforms. Deep dive into their business models with your personal SAFARI

How to Startup

Are you on the edge of starting your own business? Learn from founder’s best practices

Digital Health

Meet (CITY) health experts and learn what they are working on

Deep Tech

Do you want to jump right into code, cloud computing and Kubernetes? Then join the workshops in our Deep Tech Track!

Smart City and Mobility

The city of the future is near. Learn about new innovations around the city of the future.


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13:00- 14:30

🖊 💥 Get hired! - Lunch 🍴🍕

The exclusive Jobseeker session to connect you to hiring startups in Berlin!


We will connect Jobseekers, who signed up for StartupJoblist.com with recruiters from the Startup world in Berlin. 

You should attend this session if you are: 

a. actively looking for a job in the startup world
b. actively looking for new talent for your startup.

We'll have Lunch to bring together Jobseekers and Employers

During the Networking part, there will be prearranged 1on1 meetings with employers, that you can apply to if you are successfully signed up for StartupJoblist.com at https://startupjoblist.com/account/apply-for-get-hired/


If you are no member yet, please go to startupjoblist.com and register now.