Different Topic Tracks for different Interests

Marketing and Media

Meet (CITY) best marketers and learn their best practices 


(CITY) is know for it’s business platforms. Deep dive into their business models with your personal SAFARI

How to Startup

Are you on the edge of starting your own business? Learn from founder’s best practices

Digital Health

Meet (CITY) health experts and learn what they are working on

Deep Tech

Do you want to jump right into code, cloud computing and Kubernetes? Then join the workshops in our Deep Tech Track!

Smart City and Mobility

The city of the future is near. Learn about new innovations around the city of the future.


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11:00- 12:30

Photography, Creativity & The Crowd


Fully Booked


Learn how to make money with the photos on your smartphone's camera roll. Find out how EyeEm uses a community of 20+ Million photographers to help brands run photographic engagement campaigns and source on-brand visuals at scale.

VP People & Culture


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13:00- 14:30

Boost your website with crawler management 🇩🇪

internal link structure and crawling budgets for big web pages


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You have heard about link juice and crawling budget. But how do you actually control where the crawler goes and what it sees.

We'd like to share our experience and practical tips and would love to hear about your experiences.

The presentation will be GERMAN.

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15:00- 16:30

B2B - Advantages, challenges, lessons learned

How a startup operates in a business-to-business market and what the challenges are.


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conichiwa is a one year old startup that operates purely within a B2B market. As we sell SaaS, our product can appear to be very complex and intangible. We require consitent strategic thinking and smart communication techniques in oder to obtain clients. As everything is becoming ever-more digital, and IT developers are now the most sought after employees in the job market, the number of companies operating in the B2B-Saas space will continue to increase. We'll share what we have learned so far and where we see the most potential for opportunity.