Different Topic Tracks for different Interests

Marketing and Media

Meet (CITY) best marketers and learn their best practices 


(CITY) is know for it’s business platforms. Deep dive into their business models with your personal SAFARI

How to Startup

Are you on the edge of starting your own business? Learn from founder’s best practices

Digital Health

Meet (CITY) health experts and learn what they are working on

Deep Tech

Do you want to jump right into code, cloud computing and Kubernetes? Then join the workshops in our Deep Tech Track!

Smart City and Mobility

The city of the future is near. Learn about new innovations around the city of the future.


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09:00- 10:30

Partnerships – The secret sauce to success?


Limited Capacity


Join us at the BCG Digital Ventures office for the official start of the Berlin Startup Safari insurtech track – breakfast included

We will learn how technology impacts the insurance industry and how corporates try to stay on top of the game, e.g. through partnerships with startups 

Joined by the founders of insurtechs omni:us and Friendsurance we will hear their stories on how they have profited from partnerships but also what has gone wrong

At the end, you will have the opportunity to meet some of the companies we have built and find out more about career opportunities 


Tim Kunde is the founder of the well-known digital insurance platform Friendsurance. He has recently closed a partnership deal with Deutsche Bank. https://www.friendsurance.de/pressemitteilungen/2018

Sofie Quidenus is the founder of omni:us, an AI startup that focuses on optimizing the quotation & claims process. The Swiss insurer Baloise is a strategic investor and pilot customer. https://www.baloise.com/de/home/medien/news/2018/baloise-investiert-in-omni-us-optimierung-des-kerngeschaefts-dank-kuenstlicher-intelligenz.html

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11:00- 12:30

Insurance in the age of Millenials

How does insurance need to change?


Nearly Fully Booked


Insurance - sounds boring to you? We feel you!
If you are a Millenial, the products and business as it currently is might mostly not meet your needs.

At Coya, our goal is to implement customer centricity into the full insurance value chain. This starts with developing products which customers really need! 

Thus, we want to discuss with you in a workshop your opinions and experiences on insurances: What needs to be done to make an insurance product appealing to you? Which services would you like to have? What item or incident would you like to insure, but cannot find a policy out there to do so? And so on...

You will also meet our founder Andrew and get to know about his vision and why he started Coya as well as our VP Marketing Yasemin. She is a representative for the millenial generation and is strongly focusing on creating a millenial brand at Coya.

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15:00- 16:30

Challenges in Employer Branding

and image reputation of a StartUp in a very traditional insurance business


Fully Booked


in a workshop we will discuss challenges, best practice and try to find some concrete solutions


Recruitment & Employee Development Manager

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17:00- 18:30

How to fix private pensions for millennials


Nearly Fully Booked


A walk through the madness of the German pension system and a brainstorm of how to make it perfect for todays generation.