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Marketing and Media

Meet (CITY) best marketers and learn their best practices 


(CITY) is know for it’s business platforms. Deep dive into their business models with your personal SAFARI

How to Startup

Are you on the edge of starting your own business? Learn from founder’s best practices

Digital Health

Meet (CITY) health experts and learn what they are working on

Deep Tech

Do you want to jump right into code, cloud computing and Kubernetes? Then join the workshops in our Deep Tech Track!

Smart City and Mobility

The city of the future is near. Learn about new innovations around the city of the future.


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11:00- 12:30

Financing in the age of modular platforms


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FinCompare is a modular online platform connecting businesses to financing provider as well as financial advisors. So far, we closed partnerships with over 200 lenders and generated over € 500mio in volume within 12 months since launch.

Stephan, our CEO, will elaborate on his idea to built FinCompare and his vision on how to revolutionise SME financing. You will learn why we believe modularity is the key to be successful in this highly fragmented market and you will be actively participating in our discussion round. Where do you see the future of SME financing and banking? How would you advise to embark on scaling across Europe? Most importantly, you are here to have fun and experience our culture as a key driver of our success so far!





Founder & CEO

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15:00- 16:30

A-Z Guide

of Being a Sucessful Freelancer in Germany


Limited Capacity


Being a freelancer is not easy! German bureaucracy doesn't help it either! Many freelancers get goosebumps and sweaty armpits when they hear words like Finanzamt, Steuererklaerung and Krankenversicherung! Worry not! We've got your back!

In this brief session, we'll guide you through the most important things you need to know to be a superstar freelancer in Germany!

- Taxes

- Insurances 

- Banking & Accounting

 Yes, we know it doesn't sound fun nor sexy, but it is certainly important to survive the bureaucratic nightmare and run your freelance business successfully. We'll do our best to make it easy, fun and enjoyable for you, without complicated jargon and slides! 

After the end of the official part, we'll continue to network and mingle with free drinks provided by Kontist.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Olla- olla.jongerius@kontist.com




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17:00- 18:30

Building a cross-industry costumer experience


Nearly Fully Booked


OptioPay is a payment processor with a difference. Our mission is to integrate payments to employees or customers with effective marketing to create a completely new, performance based, advertising channel. For recipients we offer flexibility and value by offering diverse payout options. Our company, backed by international venture capitalists and banks, is based in Berlin with a talented team of 50 hailing from no less than 20 nations. All possess exceptional drive and exceptional passion to change how people receive money. To this end we have created the first payment solution software for marketing payouts and aim to become the #1 processor for companies paying individuals. How? By offering lower costs to senders, greater value & flexibility to recipients and an untapped new channel for advertisers. 


Limited Capacity


An in-depth workshop on how payments work for platforms, including marketplaces, crowdfunding websites and other financial services. What are e-wallets, how do you take care of your KYC (know your customer), what to do when you want to internationalise quickly and how do you explain payments to your consumers.

Country Manager DACH